D Day

Those "in the know" (mainly divorce lawyers) called last Monday, January 12th as D-Day, as in Divorce Day. It was expected that more requests for divorce would be made on that day than any other day in the year. There are several reasons. One, January is typically the month with the most divorce filings. Couples who are contemplating divorce put it off for the holidays so they will have one more holiday before they split up. Many of these couples have kids. The second Monday of January is the first Monday after the kids go back to school.

Two, for this year, the economy influences the timing of the call to a divorce lawyer. When a couple is under financial strain, their relationship usually comes under strain. Money, or a lack thereof, becomes the focus of their relationship and they forget to do those things that they like to do together. Sometimes, they fail to imagine what they can do with less money and still make those experiences enjoyable for both of them. The time they once spent enjoying each other is replaced with arguing and/or pouting. Seeing that the new year looks as bleak or bleaker than the previous year for their relationship, they file for divorce.

In spite of these things, there is hope! Marriage or Relationship Education classes can do a great deal in helping couples cope with the stresses they face and kindle a love that has faded. There are many classes. Locally, the best place to look is at the El Dorado Healthy Marriages website, www.edhealthymarriages.org.

I am currently being trained in a new course called, Money 1 to 1. I will schedule teaching this course later in the year. This course teaches money management and how money effects relationships.

Divorce does not have to be an option. People fall in love and get married. There were reasons for a person to marry another person. Those reasons are still there. Couples can be helped to rekindle those reasons. Relationship classes are proven by research to be very effective in accomplishing this.

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