A Historic Day

To call today a historic day is already becoming a cliche and on many levels is an understatement. President Obama recalled slavery and the racism it spawned in his inaugural address. People who were part of the Civil Rights movement during the 1960s were present for the President’s inauguration. For someone my age, the 1960s doesn’t seem all that long ago. Because of that perspective, I think it is amazing that we would witness this day an African-American President of the United States. I join with many people in the hope that racism in this country can have another major turn toward its abolishment.

I also hope that President Obama and his family can provide the kind of role models that is needed in the African-American communities in this country. Currently, only about one-third of African-American families have a married mother and father. As the President said in a speech on Father’s Day in 2008 that black men must take responsibility for their children. Children thrive when a married father is in the household. Their problems are much reduced. This true of all ethnic groups, but African-American families are more profoundly effected.

As I write this, Senator Ted Kennedy suffered convulsions and was taken away from the Capitol Building in an ambulance. My prayers join many others for him and his family. My prayers are for President Obama and our government as they confront some very difficult problems.

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