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Archbishop of Canterbury says God won’t save us from our own stupidity

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said recently that God will not save mankind from his own environmental "stupidity." He also said we are in danger from, “"a whole range of doomsday prospects," ranging from global warming to threats from what … Continue reading

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The Health Care Accident

How we do health care insurance in our country is an accident of history. For many years health care payments was on a pay-as-you go system. You saw your physician (or the physician saw you in those days) there would … Continue reading

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Losing Our Religion?

  The news media the last few days have told us about the recent ARIS (American Religious Identification Survey). In this survey, people stating no religious preference grew from 8% to 15% in the United States, since 1990. The number … Continue reading

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Faith and Healing

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about our country’s broken health care system. In just those two weeks, even more Americans are without health insurance. This means more pressure on our emergency rooms, which means higher medical premiums for … Continue reading

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