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God Gives Us What We Need

Not only is today turkey day, it is also turkey season. I don’t know where one goes to hunt turkeys, but I do know that some cities and counties have ordinances prohibiting hunting in city limits and/or designated areas of … Continue reading

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Christ Calls Us to Use More Than a Hammer and Nails

Did you know that Batman lives in Michigan? Mark Williams was arrested when he was found leaning off of a hardware store building, wearing a batman costume. Maybe he was a hammer and nails kind a guy. As part of … Continue reading

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Do as I say, not what I do!

“For the last few weeks we’ve all been subjected to reruns of every scary movie ever made: zombies, vampires, guys in hockey masks, spooks with really long fingernails. Monsters in all shapes and forms are the flavor of the month … Continue reading

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