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The Friends Called Faith and Trust

The first summer after Suzanne and I married, we went on a vacation visiting the five national parks in southern Utah. Out first stop was Moab. Back then we just looked for motels with vacancies. Today we don’t go anywhere … Continue reading

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Modern Marriage?

Last Tuesday, our son called to say that he got married. I had met our new daughter-in-law a month ago, but my wife has yet to meet her. We live in different parts of California. We learned that they were … Continue reading

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Post Valentine’s Day Reflections

I heard or read somewhere that Valentine’s Day is a popular day to propose. Whether it is the most popular wasn’t mentioned. And it kind of makes sense. February is probably the latest time for an engagement in order to … Continue reading

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Tiger and Infidelity

Tigers are seemingly indiscriminate about mating with another tiger. The males compete for the right to mate with a female in season. But at the end, it is the female who may or may not accept any male for the … Continue reading

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The Jon and Kate Train Wreck

Before all the intense media coverage of the Jon and Kate marriage rumors, I never heard of Jon and Kate. Then I heard a lot more than I ever wanted. I mean, why do the media get so transfixed with … Continue reading

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