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Saints to the Rescue

On October 23, 2019, Bob Valette took off from the Sonoma County airport with a tanker full of repellant. Meanwhile, his son Dustin Valette was making sandwiches for 60 people in his Healdsburg restaurant, conveniently named, Valette Restaurant. He was … Continue reading

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It’s not Fair!

Many people are familiar with the story of Jonah and the whale, except there was no whale. A whale is not mentioned in the book of Jonah. In fact, nowhere in the Bible is there a whale. Jonah was swallowed … Continue reading

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God Gives Us What We Need

Not only is today turkey day, it is also turkey season. I don’t know where one goes to hunt turkeys, but I do know that some cities and counties have ordinances prohibiting hunting in city limits and/or designated areas of … Continue reading

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In pursuit of energy

We have become very dependent on energy sources to live our modern lives. Automobiles, fueled principally by gasoline, made suburban living possible. Jet fuel gets us from one part of the country to another in less than a day (hopefully). … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, go away

As I sit in my office, I think about the seemingly constant rain we have received. Even before I left the house to see what the sky looked like (cloudy), I asked myself, “Are we living in Seattle?” But I … Continue reading

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Archbishop of Canterbury says God won’t save us from our own stupidity

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said recently that God will not save mankind from his own environmental "stupidity." He also said we are in danger from, “"a whole range of doomsday prospects," ranging from global warming to threats from what … Continue reading

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