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It Is Precious to Me

I don’t remember for sure where it came from. I was quite young when it was given me. I kept in a box. From time to time, I would look at it. Flip through its pages, maybe reading a part … Continue reading

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The Word that was the cause of things to come into being became a being.

In my tradition, we use a lectionary. This means that the Bible readings for each Sunday are predetermined. We use a three year cycle of readings. After three years almost all of the New Testament is read in church and … Continue reading

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Illuminating Memories

The memories of our loved ones never die. It is, particularly, at the end of year when those memories are illuminated. The holiday memories are amplified: the Thanksgiving meals, the mishaps that might ruin the Thanksgiving meal instead turn into … Continue reading

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The Big Plan

The story of Jesus’ passion is such a powerful story! It seems like a train going out of control toward a mountain side and there is no one who can stop it, not Spiderman, not Superman, nobody. No human being, … Continue reading

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Light up the World! Jesus Is Come!

Hanging lights on a Christmas tree can be most stressful. Some nice person on the Internet has even made a list of Things Not to Say When Hanging Lights on the Christmas Tree. Let me read some of them: 8. … Continue reading

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Messengers of the Resurrection

A first year student in a Catholic seminary was told by the dean that he should plan to preach the sermon in chapel the following day. He had never preached a sermon before, he was nervous and afraid, and he … Continue reading

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“At the name of Jesus every knee should bend” (Philippians 2:10)

For the name of Jesus, we return to Christmas Eve. The angels have finished their announcement of the birth of the messiah to a group of shepherds. The angels return to heaven. The shepherds leave their sheep to fend for … Continue reading

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