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Blessings After Loss

2020. What a year. It is this time of year where families and friends gather together to give thanks. I remember what that was like. I remember the Thanksgivings of years gone by. These last years, we would gather with … Continue reading

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God Has Our Back

Remember Watergate? I’m certainly old enough to remember it. It’s now talked about in history books. It was a bungled burglary that led to the only resignation of a President of the United States.   One of key figures of … Continue reading

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Extending Love

Edgar Guest, a renowned American poet at the turn of the century, tells of a neighbor by the name of Jim Potter. Mr. Potter ran the drug store in the small town where Edgar Guest lived. Guest recalled that daily … Continue reading

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Was there a plan?

We have strong laws when a child is abandoned in our society. These laws come out of our revulsion that a parent would be so callous as to leave a child defenseless and alone at any place. We assume that … Continue reading

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