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Encountering Evil

Sometimes, our brains go haywire. We will do things that we know is wrong, but we do them anyway. Things might come out of our mouth that we suddenly wish it wasn’t said. We might break a speed limit. We … Continue reading

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Fathers and Sons, Part 2

King Duncan shares this story: “A substitute Sunday School teacher couldn’t open the combination lock on the supply cabinet. So, she went to the pastor for help. The pastor started turning the dial of the combination lock, stopped after the … Continue reading

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Saying Good-bye

At Snowline Hospice, I work with people who bravely say good-bye. I work with people who struggle to say good-bye through their tears. I have people who can’t say good-bye because they are in denial that their loved one is … Continue reading

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Searching for Hope

Jesus says, “I am the bread of life that you so desperately want.” Continue reading

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He Ain’t No Ghost

Our brains receive a lot of information. Those things that are important or significant to us we keep, the rest our brain deep sixes them. Most of this happens so fast that we don’t notice.   When there is something … Continue reading

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God Smack Fear with Hope

Before seminary, I worked for American Express. There was an occasion where I ran across some software that would make what we do more productive. I presented it to my boss and he said go ahead and order it.   … Continue reading

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Was there a plan?

We have strong laws when a child is abandoned in our society. These laws come out of our revulsion that a parent would be so callous as to leave a child defenseless and alone at any place. We assume that … Continue reading

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