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The Prince of Peace Is Coming

The reaction of French President François Holland after the Paris attacks was to bomb Daesh, what some call ISIS. That got a lot of press. Reports wanted to know what President Obama was going to do. Of course, we were … Continue reading

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Searching for Hope

Jesus says, “I am the bread of life that you so desperately want.” Continue reading

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With the help of Our Savior, Anyone Can be a Savior

Wyoming is a sparsely populated and spectacular state to visit. Every five years we make a pilgrimage to Yellowstone and Grand Teton.   The area attracts many. Many tourists come to gawk, take photos, of which I have many, to … Continue reading

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He Ain’t No Ghost

Our brains receive a lot of information. Those things that are important or significant to us we keep, the rest our brain deep sixes them. Most of this happens so fast that we don’t notice.   When there is something … Continue reading

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God Has Our Back

Remember Watergate? I’m certainly old enough to remember it. It’s now talked about in history books. It was a bungled burglary that led to the only resignation of a President of the United States.   One of key figures of … Continue reading

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God Smack Fear with Hope

Before seminary, I worked for American Express. There was an occasion where I ran across some software that would make what we do more productive. I presented it to my boss and he said go ahead and order it.   … Continue reading

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