Rain, rain, go away

As I sit in my office, I think about the seemingly constant rain we have received. Even before I left the house to see what the sky looked like (cloudy), I asked myself, “Are we living in Seattle?”

But I do know that we need the rain after a few years of drought here in California. They (whoever they are) say that even with all the rain we have so far it is not enough to make up for the lost water of the drought. We may even give thanks to God for El Nino, who might be nicknamed the drought-buster. We need the water, but people in the southern California burn areas are suffering from mud slides.

But it is our rain storms that have transformed themselves into blizzards as they make their way east across the country. Our nation’s capital is shutdown, meaning the government is shut down. Terrorists keep trying to bring down the United States, failing, but a snow storm does what they are unable to do. Of course all of this begs the question, is the country leaderless and who is making sure that government services continue?

I heard that there was some kind of demonstration against global warming after the last blizzard to dump on Virginia. Obviously, this record snow fall proves that global warming in not true. We just need to ignore the disappearing snow pack in Greenland, the Himalayas, Glacier National Park, Kilimanjaro, and other sites around the world, not to mention the shrinking of the North Pole ice sheet. Glaciers always disappear when the climate gets colder. The planet must have been really hot during the last ice age.

Disappearing glacial ice will cause widespread water shortages in many parts of the world. Others may literally kill for it in other parts of the world. So I really should give thanks for the rain. We are blessed to have it.

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