Bible and Religion Software – Logos

I use Logos (and the Libronix engine) for scripture work and other uses, such as, class preparation for the parish forum and other events.

In sermon preparation, I open five different translations to look at the passage that I am preaching on. I then write my own commentary based on what I am reading. If there appears to be different translation decisions or a word or phrase sparks my curiosity, I then look at the original language by opening another window in Libronix. I have several books that are lexicons and dictionaries to help me see why a translator would choose a particular word in English for the Hebrew or Greek. I then make my own decision, based on the linguistic research, as to how I will use that word (or phrase) in my sermon. I then look at other commentaries, particularly Feasting on the Word (which is not in Logos), and a few commentaries that are in Logos. I update my commentary based on this added information. I later re-read my commentary for editing purposes, which is sometimes successful. I will then add a story to go with a theme or theme that emerged from my study.

This illustrates the power of Logos. One feature that I also use is called Key Link Summary. This will list what resources I have that are associated with a word. There are ways to customize this, but I won’t take the time to do that here.

When I write my newsletter articles, I always begin with a psalm quote. I will do a Bible search on Logos (Libronix) on the theme I am writing about and by specifying the search to only the psalms, all psalm verses that apply are listed for me. I choose the verse that appears to be the most appropriate.

Logos hopes to have all Christian literature and writings available in electronic form. Though they lean evangelical, they also have some Anglican resources. Of course, what drives their priorities for publication is based on what is more favorable to the market. Time is on our side. Or so Mick Jagger told me.

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