Swine Flu or Not Swine Flu?

I was intrigued by reading an article that said that, even though Israel has confirmed cases of Swine Flu, they don’t have Swine Flu. They have Mexican Flu. Swine is not kosher in Israel.

Kosher or not, Swine Flu is becoming a greater problem in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) [would a doctor there be Dr. Who?] has made this calamity a stage four alert. They have never had a stage four alert before (stage six is a pandemic). It is amazing as the number of cases continue to increase in this country and infected people in other countries are continually being discovered.

As Christians, we are not to respond in fear. We are to respond in loving-kindness to do what we can to help those infected (and others who are sick, too). Jesus taught us how to go were others fear to go. To heal where others fear to heal. With God on our side, who can be against us? How can they prevail? Even if “they” is a microscopic bug.

(Original post was 4/29. As of late 4/29, we are now at a stage five alert.)

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