Ignoring the right thing to do

I read today that the Bush administration and particularly the Interior department are moving political appointees to career civil service posts for the purpose continuing the Bush Administration philosophies of laissez-faire policies concerning our collective stewardship of public lands.

The Bush Administration has a track record of having little interest in preserving our public lands for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Now they want continue their destructive policies by circumventing the process of replacing political appointees in a new administration.

This is a double unethical move. It is unethical to prevent a new president from setting his or her policies that the American people voted that person to do. It is obvious that our country has had enough of George W. Bush’s policies. It is unethical to not be a proper steward of the lands that God gave us to take care of. Our role on this earth is to take care of it. Our planet belongs to God. We are not free to use it for our own selfish purposes.

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