History Made!

On election day, history was made. A man who is truly an African-American was elected President of the United States. Another peg of racism was removed from our nation. Many people, including me, thought that we would never see the day in our lifetimes. I still need to pinch myself from time to time.

Now, I know that there were two black presidents on "24", the television show, but it still not the same. The next season of "24" will feature a woman president, so I guess they foretold the order that this will occur in reality.

Of course, we can always say that different races and cultural backgrounds and genders should have the equal opportunity to mess things up as much as white men. Every generation found things to be disgusted with any incumbent president. People demonstrated in the streets against President Washington. States succeeded from the union before President Lincoln took the oath of office. So, what I am saying is that for all the bad we focus on any president, there is also much good in each president. After all, we elect them every four years. No person has ever sought the office of President of the United States with the purpose of messing up the country. Each person wanted to make this country better. This worked out better for some than for others.

Our country now has a lot of hope in the future presidency of Barak Obama, according to the polls. He faces two wars and an economic collapse. The problems he is facing are daunting. For good or ill, we will look to him to lead us into peace and prosperity. After all, we hired him.

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