The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!

Yesterday, the Dow-Jones Average had its biggest one day loss. Though in percentage terms, the loss was not one of the biggies. Banks are failing. There are only two significant investment banks left and they are now federally regulated. The red hot housing market and the questionable tactics that helped fuel that market is now being paid for in terms of human misery and a credit crises.

The reason for the bailout package failure yesterday in the House of Representatives caused the markets to react, because we are in deep trouble without it. The package was a last ditch effort by the administration to save the credit markets. Blame for the mess we are in can come later. Action is need and it is needed soon. Credit in this country is drying up. This means there is little money for house loans, student loans, car loans, credit cards.

Business loans and commercial paper are in a severe crisis. This means that payrolls may not be met. More banks will fail. Businesses will not be able to increase their inventories. Many, many more people will be forced out of their jobs.

These are dire times. Though far from perfect and far from being "market friendly", the bailout bill is for more than Wall Street, it is for Main Street. Congress must pass this bill. The consequences of failure to act will be severe for every American.

There are many Biblical passages that could be used to put all of this into a theological perspective. Many are not helpful. That’s the trouble we get into when we pick and choose what passages we want to use to make our point. Other passages are left out that also have a voice. The overriding message of the Bible is God’s great love and concern for us.

God won’t make the credit crunch disappear, but God will be with us to prod us to do what we need to do to limit the damage this might cause to our neighbor. It is for this reason that our members of Congress need to hear us say that we need to pass the bailout to lessen the great pain that might befall our neighbor. God will be with those of us who already suffer from these economic times.

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