Religious men are better husbands and fathers

W. Bradford Wilcox recently published a study on the effect of religion and men. Wilcox is Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia’s Dept. of Sociology. He is addressing the issue of what is called the male problematic – the tendency of fathers to become detached, emotionally or physically from their children. Religious men are more happily married than other men. Religious men are engaged and affectionate parents. Religious men stay married to their children’s mother. Religious men are more involved in youth activities. Religious men are less likely to father a child out of wedlock. (This creates another social problem by itself.)

Wilcox warns that religion is no silver bullet in provoking strong family orientation in men. There are always exceptions to the rule. An easy way for men to have a happier and wholesome life, enjoying the love of their children when they are adults is to become involved in the faith of their choice. Churches are infamous for being female enclaves. Men have a lot to gain by from religious affiliations.

("Is Religion an Answer? Marriage, Fatherhood, and the Male Problematic" by W. Bradford Wilcox, Center for Marriage and Families, Research Brief No. 11, June 2008.)

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