Honoring two recently deceased parishioners: Curt Gordon and Nev Wagner

We recently had two funerals at Our Saviour. the first was for Curt Gordon and the second for Nev Wagner.

Curt was a long time treasurer here. He died after fighting leukemia. Curt was also the kind of person who told you exactly what he was thinking. Sometimes, he minced no words. Some took these remarks personally, but they were not meant to be taken personally. Still, he would do anything for you. He was generous with his time and gifts. He had a very big heart. To read my sermon about Curt look at: www.oursaviourpv.org/sermons.aspx.

Nev died after a long and valiant fight with cancer. Nev never said anything bad about anyone. He was a perpetual optimist. He saw the good in everyone. He attributed his longer than expected life with cancer as a direct result of prayer. His oncologist certainly could not explain how long Nev lived with the disease. People who knew Nev called him the nicest person they have ever met. To read my sermon about Nev look at: www.oursaviourpv.org/sermons.aspx.

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